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  • How do I charge my Droplette device?

    Droplette charges on a wireless charging dock. Plug in its universal voltage power supply anywhere in the world, and simply place your device on the dock to charge. We recommend charging for 12 hours for a complete charge, which will offer 60 minutes of continuous use. Keep away from water.

  • How do I register my Droplette device?

    Register your Droplette on the Droplette app, available in the Apple App Store. Make sure to have your device turned on and near your phone, and enable Bluetooth on your phone to ensure seamless pairing.

  • Why should I register my Droplette?

    By registering, you will be able to liaise with your Droplette dermatologist to ensure you are a candidate for Droplette, and that you enjoy the best possible results to achieve your skincare goals. Track your capsule usage and results, as well as place orders to replenish supplies, gain access to new formulas, and troubleshoot any potential hiccups.

  • When do I use my Droplette?

    Droplette is a novel skincare device that delivers active ingredients deep into your skin, so use your device and the appropriate capsules as you would a serum, essence, or mask. In other words, we fit best in between cleansing and moisturizing/applying SPF. Please note that we recommend our Retinol capsules for evening use only.

  • How do I use my Droplette?

    1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled to sync with App.

    2. Insert single-use capsule you wish to use. Close capsule door.

    3. Hold device directly up to clean, bare face.

    4. Turn on the device and slowly move mist around your face with circular motions.

    5. When mist turns to air, turn off the device.

    6. Eject and set aside capsule for recycling.

    7. Repeat with all capsules in your regimen.

    8. Continue with your routine.

  • How do I store my Droplette?

    It’s best to store your device in a cool, dry location with the mist dispensing panel facing down, to ensure hygienic conditions for the next use. Of course, storing on your charging dock will ensure your device is always charged and ready for use.


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